Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Zach Wiegert, Josh Wiegman Summary Response for Bully Redo

Summary Response Outline

  • Topic sentence: Bully, directed by Lee Hirsch, portrays the very real problem of bullying through the stories of it’s victims.
  • The stories show how terrible bullying really is. Some even prove that bullying can lead to self-hate, problems with families, and even suicide.

  • Topic sentence: Bully, directed by Lee Hirsch, the problem of bullying because It tells the awful stories of children victimized by it.
  • Claim 1:
    • Set-up- Bullying is an epidemic affecting many students in the United States as well as the world, and can lead to children feeling like they are not good enough
    • Evidence: Alex, a twelve year old boy tormented by bullies daily, said, “I feel like I belong somewhere else,”(Hirsch).
    • Explanation of quotation to prove claim: Alex implies that because he doesn’t fit in, he doesn’t think he belongs at school, or maybe not anywhere. It's hard for him to make friends because of this. And without friends, a major support group is gone. This can lead to even more problems.
  • Counterclaim 1:
    • Set-up-  However, many school officials believe that bullying is just kids being kids and rough-housing. They have even held meetings and assemblies about anti-bullying and have confronted bullies and their parents.
    • Evidence: Lead-in- One school administrator said that "Boys will be boys,"(Hirsch).
    • Explanation of quotation to prove counterclaim-
These boys are just horsing around calling each other names, and having some rough fun. Although some of these “bullies” might take it too far at times, many parents believe that their boys are just trying to connect with children that they don’t know, and so they are rough to try to see what the other kid is like.

A common view is that bullying is just a way that kids mess around with each other as friends. We cannot deny that sometimes this is the situation and that there really is no ill-intent. However, it can be much more severe than that. The stories of children like Tyler and Alex prove this. Alex said that he was starting to not feel anything anymore. Tyler committed suicide at the age of 17. Bullying is not a joke. It’s not just “boys being boys.” It's a very real issue that needs to be confronted on all stages. The fact that administrators blow it off is truly disgusting. It has to be stopped.

  • Concluding sentence: restate main idea
Clearly bullying is a large scale problem that affects millions of children throughout the world. With the help of many people, it can be ended for good..

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  1. Good start to your summary- there are some proofreading errors here: punctuate title, its. Also, where is your concluding sentence?

    You are missing components of your response topic sentence such as a position and a why. How does Ale'x story relate to your claim?

    GOod work with your counterclaim.

    Concluding sentence should be one sentence and connect back to the title and author.